core trainer

Building core strength is vital for exercising and performing everyday activities. Whether ’re carrying groceries, tying shoelaces or serving a tennis ball, a strong core, is extremely useful - even more so than abs. It reduces the risk of damage, improves balance and posture, and can help increase power and strength in other muscles by acting as a strong base.


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compact system

Provides total muscle toning and cardio in one compact system Allows to target a variety of muscle groups, including upper, middle and lower abs and obliques, thighs, glutes, calves, forearms, triceps and biceps

useat home

Effective home exercise system Compact and portable


Comes fully assembled, adjustable dual resistance

six pack

If want a six pack and want to build dream shape and a flat tummy, need RESSEL core trainer.

Why to choose Ressel?

Ressel is a new fitness equipment that will put on way to a stronger core and shredded abs. Whether are looking to strengthen for a sport or tone for bikini season, this item is sure to impress.

Ressel core trainer is designed to provide a laser focus on upper, middle and lower abs and oblique muscles for a well-rounded workout will feel all over. It is a fitness accessory that no athlete should be without.

The core is made up of many muscles. Since various combinations of these muscles are involved in so many different exercises, don't have to be doing things that target one specific area, like sit-ups, to challenge these muscles. NAME will help with variety and options.

Ressel is very compact and easily stored. It’s perfect for home workouts as it can be put under the bed or behind the door. It’s also not heavy so can take it with in the park or when travelling.

What our client says

"If need the extra help in doing push ups or sit ups, this product is for . I bought it for my mother who requested me to help her get in shape. She enjoys using this core system. She is very devoted and uses it every day. Great product! "
-Betty Bowen